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We are guided by the following values and principles

Respect For Diversity

The platform accepts and understands that each organization is unique and commits to embrace inclusivity, diversity in the RHRH platform, based on the identified thematic issues the platform will be advancing.

Commitment to the Platform

The platform members commit to dedicate time, human resources towards working together and, recognize the strength of each organization and individual contribution to the platform.


The platform commits to openness in and will adopt participatory approach in all aspect of implementation.

Respect For Human Rights

The platform will observe all human rights principals in all its operations. Further the platform recognizes that SRHR issues cannot be addressed in bits and pieces

Commitment to uphold integrity and accountability

The partners commit to operate through the agreed standards and guideline of RHRH principal and uphold teaming agreement has adopted by the team.

Commitment to learning and innovation

We are open to acquisition of acknowledge, adopting innovative ideas, share information among platform members and learning from link minded platforms

Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP)

We commit to ensure young people are part of the RHRH decision make process and are significantly involved at all level of program cycle. The platform will make deliberate efforts to provide opportunities for meaning

Human Rights-Based Approach

The platform will operate on norms based on international human rights standards and operationally endeavour to promoting and protecting human rights. This will involve analysing inequalities on implementation of SRHR policies.

Inclusiveness and Diversity

The platform equally respect and meaningfully involve people who are; vulnerable and marginalised, women and LGBTIQ.

Gender Equality and Gender Transformative Approach

The platform will endeavour to engage the community and decision makers on policy framework that promote unhealthy gender norms; challenge the rationale of adhering to these norms; and replace unhealthy, inequitable gender norms with redefined healthy ones.

Focus on sensitive issues (sexual and gender diversity, safe abortion, etc.)

The platform’s diversity in programming and acceptance to work together demonstrates the willingness to learn from each other and address sensitivity issues in the priority areas in  entirety.