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Improving the protection, respect and fulfilment of the SRHR of young people

The Platform partners have contributed to and advocated for SRHR at the international, regional, national and county levels.  The partners have been uploaded by stakeholders for their inputs in policy processes such as the review of the National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy 2015; the National Guidelines on Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines; the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework; the Reproductive Health Bill; and, National Guidelines for provision of Adolescent & Youth Friendly Services in Kenya at the national level. The platform has position itself as a national voice for partners championing young peoples SRHR agenda in the country and provide opportunities for young people and marginalized groups organisations to grow.



  1. We would like to see a strengthened implementation of the ASRH policy in order to improve access to SRHR services by all Youth including LGBTIQ;
  2. We would also like to see the reinstatement of standards and guidelines for reduction of maternal mortality and morbidityand implementation of the Post Abortion Care guidelines.
  3. We would like to see a reviewed and fully implemented National School Health Policy (NSHP) which reflects the CSE needs of young people;
  4. Finally, we would like to see a strengthened implementation of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of Kenya to ensure the SRHR of young LGBTQ+ (18-35) Kenyans are protected and respected.


Young people lack access to comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information, education and services, therefore, greatly limiting their ability to make informed choices, protect their health and development, and stand up for their rights. Mistrust of the ability of young people to take control of their lives by adults make young people lose confidence in seeking SRHR information and services, and often results in their voices going unheard. Socio-cultural norms and values continue to subordinate girls and women and limit their active participation in decisions that directly affect their lives thus impacting their health and reproductive rights.

The LGBTI suffer numerous sexual and reproductive health rights violations on the basis of their sexual orientations gender identity and expressions. Young LGBTIQ have limited access to SRH services and commodities as they are expensive and are also characterized by insecurity and inflexible availability.

Meaningful youth participation (MYP)

The Kenya RHRN programme places young people at the centre of implementation of their SRHR advocacy agenda. The programme aims to provide conditions that will ensure, structural and fair representation in decision making by young people is provided for by the Platform and other actors. The programme engaged young people in advocacy programme design to ensure that the key actors who influence young people in matters advocacy are involved in programme design.

RHRN builds positive youth-adult partnerships as a mechanism to enhance functioning relationships and mentorship processes, to strengthening capacity of young people, youth organisations and adults to enhance youth meaningful engagement within the SRHR advocacy program. To operationalize the principle of young people’s structural and meaningful engagement, the RHRN programme undertakes integrated activities that strengthen the concept of structural and fair representation in decision-making.

Respect for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

Committed to ensure young people are part of the RHRH decision make process and are significantly involved at all level of program cycle.